List of software products in Vietnam

List of software products in Vietnam

Attached to Circular No. 20/2021/TT-BTTTT dated December 3, 2021 of the Minister of Information and Communications.

No. Name of softwareCode
1Software products
1System software 01000000
1Operating system software01010000
1Server operating system software01010100
2Desktop/client operating system software01010200
3Operating system software for portable devices01010300
4Other operating system software01010400
2Network software01020000
1Network management software01020100
1Network monitoring software01020101
2Network operating system enhancement software01020102
3Optical network management software01020103
4Administration software01020104
5Internet protocol IP multimedia subsystem software01020105
2Networking software01020200
1Access software01020201
2Communications server software01020202
3LAN software01020203
4Multiplexer software01020204
5Storage networking software01020205
6Switch or router software01020206
7WAN switching software and firmware01020207
8Wireless software01020208
9Network connectivity terminal emulation software01020209
10Gateway software01020210
11Bridge software01020211
12Modem software01020212
13Platform interconnectivity software01020213
14Infrared data transfer IrDA software01020214
15IoT Device Management Software01020215
3Network applications software01020300
1Application server software01020301
2Desktop communications software01020302
3Interactive voice response software01020303
4Internet directory services software01020304
5Internet browser software01020305
4Security and protection software01020400
1Authentication server software01020401
2Network security or virtual private network VPN management software01020402
3Network security and virtual private network VPN equipment software01020403
4Transaction security and virus protection software01020404
5Other security and protection software01020405
5Server software01020500
7Other network software01020700
3Data management and query software01030000
1Server database software01030100
2Client database software01030200
3Categorization or classification software01030300
4Clustering software01030400
5Database management system software01030500
6Database reporting software01030600
7Database user interface and query software01030700
8Data mining software01030800
9Information retrieval or search software01030900
10Metadata management software01031000
11Object oriented data base management software01031100
12Transaction server software01031200
13Business intelligence and data analysis software01031300
14Other data management and query software01031400
4Embedded software01040000
1OTP, PKI, MoC biometrics, etc. in chip or chipset01040100
2Token FIDO2 & FIDO U2F and Soft Token01040200
3embedded SIM software01040300
4AI Camera chipset software01040400
5Other embedded software01040500
5Operating environment software01050000
1File system software01050100
2Computer firmware01050200
3Virtual machine software01050300
4Other operating environment software01050400
6Other system software01060000
2Application Software 02000000
1Content authoring and editing software02010000
1Word processor02010100
2Spreadsheet software02010200
3Graphics or photo imaging software02010300
4Presentation software02010400
5Pattern design software02010500
6Video creation and editing software02010600
7Web page creation and editing software02010700
8Calendar and scheduling software02010800
9Optical character reader OCR or scanning software02010900
10Desktop publishing software02011000
11Other content authoring and editing software02011100
2Search engine, reference application and dictionary02020000
1Spell checkers02020100
2Route navigation software02020200
3Dictionary software02020300
4Phonebook software02020400
5Other search engine, reference application and dictionary02020500
3Cross-Industry Application Software02030000
1Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP software02030100
1Accounting software02030101
2Enterprise resource planning ERP software02030102
3Tax preparation software02030103
4Financial analysis software02030104
5Billing and Invoicing Software02030105
6Electronic contract software02030106
7Other cross-Industry Application Software02030107
2Electronic online portal software02030200
3Business function specific software02030300
1Project management software02030301
2Human resource management software02030302
3Warehouse management02030303
4Customer relations management software02030304
5Facilities management software02030305
6Helpdesk or call center software02030306
7Procurement software02030307
8Materials requirements planning logistics and supply chain software02030308
9Bar coding software02030309
10Label making software02030310
11Expert system software02030311
12License management software02030312
13Office suite software02030313
14Sales and marketing software02030314
15Mailing and shipping software02030315
16Audit software02030316
17Procedure management software02030317
18Point of sale POS software02030318
19Legal management software02030319
20Compliance software02030320
21Artificial Intelligence Chatbot02030321
4Other-Cross-Industry Application Software02030400
4Vertical Market Application Software02040000
1Software for digital Government02040100
1Online public service software02040101
2Single-window electronic software02040102
3Document management and task coordination software02040103
4Government information reporting system software02040104
5Smart urban management software02040105
6Other software for digital government02040106
2Software for education and training02040200
1Teaching software02040201
2Training management software02040202
3Professional school management software02040203
4Teaching and learning resource sharing software02040204
5Library software02040205
6Foreign language software02040206
7Computer based training software02040207
8Multi media educational software02040208
9Other software for education and training02040209
3Health sector-related software02040300
1Software serving health care and disease prevention02040301
2Software serving medical examination and treatment02040302
3Software serving medical affair management02040303
4Software utilizing artificial intelligence in healthcare02040304
5Software for connecting and managing medical equipment02040305
6Other medical software02040306
4Software in financial management and banking sectors02040400
1Budget management and accounting software02040401
2Treasury/capital management software02040402
3Financial statistic management software02040403
4Securities management and trading software02040404
5Insurance management software02040405
6Tax management software02040406
7e-wallet software02040407
8Software in banking sector (including Banking administration software, Core banking software, etc.)02040408
9Other financial and banking application software02040409
5Software in Construction sector02040500
1Design assistance software02040501
2Planning management software02040502
3Construction management software02040503
4Other software in Construction sector02040504
6Software in Transport and Logistics sectors02040600
1Traffic surveillance management software02040601
2Traffic data collection software02040602
3Traffic signal controlling software02040603
4Materials requirements planning logistics and supply chain software02040604
5Software for connecting consignors, consignees, and carriers02040605
6Aviation ground support software02040606
7Aviation test software02040607
8Flight control software02040608
9Other software in transport and Logistics sectors02040609
7Software in Information and Communications sectors02040700
1Electronic mail software02040701
2Video conferencing software02040702
3Network conferencing software02040703
4Instant messaging software02040704
5Ambient music or advertising messaging software02040705
6Mobile messaging service software02040706
7Mobile internet services software02040707
8Ring tone software02040708
9Calculation software02040709
10Distribution software02040710
11Call center control software02040711
12Postal delivery software02040712
13Other software in Information and Communications sectors02040713
8Software in Agriculture sector02040800
1Soil, plant, animal, and fisheries management software02040801
2Supervision software serving agricultural activities02040802
3Other software in Agriculture sector02040803
9Software in other Industrial manufacturing sector02040900
1Computer aided design CAD software02040901
2Computer aided manufacturing CAM software02040902
3Manufacturing execution system MRS software02040903
4Motor Drive Software02040904
5Power Monitor Software02040905
6Programmable Logic Control Software02040906
7Industrial control software02040907
8Other software in Industrial manufacturing sector02040908
10Software in Natural resource – Environment sectors02041000
1Geographic information system02041001
2Map creation software02041002
3Meteorological control software02041003
4Radar image treatment software02041004
5Satellite image treatment software02041005
6Software for monitoring, supervising, managing, dealing with environmental emergencies, and issuing early disaster warnings02041006
7Natural resource and environment management software (land, mineral, etc.)02041007
8Cospas Sarsat Software02041008
9Other software in Natural resource – Environment sectors02041009
11Software in Tourism sector (Management software for accommodations/hotels, etc.)02041100
12e-commerce software02041200
13Other field-specific software02041300
5Home Use Applications02050000
1Entertainment software02050100
2Family software02050200
3Other home use applications02050300
6Other application software02060000
3Tool software 03000000
1Development environment software03010000
2Program testing software03020000
3Compiler and decompiler software03030000
4Configuration management software03040000
5Enterprise application integration software03050000
6Graphical user interface development software03060000
7Object or component oriented development software03070000
8Requirements analysis and system architecture software03080000
9Web platform development software03090000
10Other tool software03100000
4Utility software 04000000
1Administration and remote administration software04010000
2Backup or archival software04020000
3Data conversion software04030000
4Data compression software04040000
5Text to speech conversion software04050000
6Speech to Text conversion software04060000
7Content management software04070000
1Document management software04070100
2File versioning software04070200
3Embedded text entry software04070300
4Fonts software04070400
5Other document management software04070500
8Digital data recognition and processing software04080000
1Voice recognition software04080100
2Handwriting recognition software components04080200
3Facial recognition software04080300
4Storage media loading software04080400
5Big data and real-time video analysis software04080500
6Other digital data recognition and processing software04080600
9Equipment control software04090000
1Compact disc CD server software04090100
2Compact disc CD or DVD or sound card software04090200
3Ethernet driver software04090300
4Graphics card driver software04090400
5Printer driver software04090500
6Screen saver software04090600
7Memory drivers04090700
8Video drivers04090800
9Other Device drivers software04090900
10Digital signature software04100000
11Other utility software04110000
5Other software 05000000


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