Vietnam Investor Visa for foreign entrepreneurs

Vietnam Investor Visa for foreign entrepreneurs

Foreign entrepreneurs who are doing business in Vietnam could be eligible for the Vietnam investor visa program, with a lengthy stay and an easier application process. So who is eligible to receive the Investor Visa? Is it necessary? And what does the process involve? Let’s find out.

1. What is a Vietnam Investor Visa?

A Vietnam Investor Visa, also known as a DT visa, is issued for foreign investors who undertake business and investment activities in Vietnam, such as establishing a Vietnam Company or purchasing capital in Vietnamese companies. A foreign investor can be understood as:

  • A foreign individual performs business and direct investment activities in Vietnam; or
  • A capital management representative person of a foreign company that performs business and direct investment activities in Vietnam.

DT Visa Vietnam

Here are 4 types of the Vietnam Investor Visa, which are classified based on the value of capital, investment sector and investment location.

Type of Investor Visa                          Conditions

Length of Visa

Length of Temporary Residence Card

  • The value of contributed capital is above VND 100 billion (~ USD 4,380,000); or
  • Investing in incentive business sector; or
  • Investing in incentive location sector.
Up to 5 yearsUp to 10 years
  • The value of contributed capital is from VND 50 billion to VND 100 billion (~ USD 2,190,000 to USD 4,380,000); or
  • Investing in encouraging business activities.
Up to 5 yearsUp to 5 years
  • The value of contributed capital is from VND 3 billion to VND 50 billion (~ USD 131,500 to USD 2,190,000).
Up to 3 yearsUp to 3 years
  • The value of contributed capital is less than VND 3 billion (~ USD 131,500).
Up to 1 yearNot eligible

2. Benefits for investor visa holders

With the investor visa, you can:

  • stay in Vietnam for a long-term
  • doing business in Vietnam
  • sponsor your relatives to come to Vietnam
  • travel to and from Vietnam easily

If you are a foreigner in Vietnam, you probably understand the exhausting visa application and renewal process here. The Investor Visa program offers a longer length to stay in Vietnam compared with other visas such as business visas or working visas. The investors will save a lot of time, energy, cost, and unwanted weird situations regarding visas. Furthermore, DT1, DT2 and DT3 visa holders are not required to apply for a work permit (which is another frustrating procedure for foreigners in Vietnam).

Of note, the DT4 Visa holders still need to apply for a work permit if they want to work in Vietnam. This is one of the considered factors when you decide on your contributed capital amount in your Vietnamese company (less than VND 3 billion or more than that).

how to start a business in vietnam

3. Requirements

The applicant for a Vietnam business visa shall be granted if the applicant satisfies the following requirements:

  • Having legal documents proving the investment in Vietnam, such as: Investment Registration Certificate, or M&A Approval Notification, Enterprise Registration Certificate
  • Documents proving capital contribution: Financial statement or confirmation of the bank
  • Having a passport with at least six months validity remaining and at least two blank visa pages.
  • Not falling into the cases that have not been allowed to enter the country

4. How to get a Vietnam investor visa?

Here are the realistic procedures to get a Vietnam investor visa:

  • Step 1. The foreign investor establishes a company in Vietnam, or purchases capital in a Vietnam company. Then complete all the registration requirements with Vietnamese competent authorities;
  • Step 2. The foreign investor fully contributed registered investment capital to the Vietnam company
  • Step 3. The foreign investor prepares the required documents, reserves a flight’s booking;
  • Step 4. The sponsor company applies for a Visa Approval Letter at the Immigration Department;
  • Step 5. The foreign investor pays the fee and obtains the Vietnam investor visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport or Vietnam Embassy overseas.

Investor Visa Sponsor Letter Vietnam

5. Processing time

Normally, it takes 10 working days for obtaining the Visa Approval Letter and the investor visa will be picked up upon arrival at Vietnam international airport or the Vietnam Embassy overseas.

6. Investor visa stamp fees

No.Type of VisaStamp Fee (*)
1A multiple-entry visa for a 3-month duration$50
2A multiple-entry visa for a duration from 03 to 06 months$95
3A multiple-entry visa for a duration from 06 to 12 months$135
4A multiple-entry visa for a duration from 01 to 02 years$145
5A multiple-entry visa for a duration from 02 to 05 years$155
6Visa for relatives below 14-year-olds$25

(*) The citizens of countries having international treaties with Vietnam such as Korea, Japan, Russia, Belarus, UK, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Norway will be exempted from the Vietnam visa stamp fees.

7. Can you bring your family members with You with an Investor Visa?

Yes, foreigners with eligible work visas are allowed to bring close family members (married spouses and children under 18) to Vietnam with them through the Dependent’s Visa with a visa duration of less than 3 years and can be extended


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