International Visitors Entering Vietnam Only Need To Test Negative For Covid-19

International Visitors Entering Vietnam Only Need To Test Negative For Covid-19

On late 15 March 2022, the Vietnam Ministry of Health has just issued the Official Dispatch No. 1265/ BYT-DP on the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic for immigrants. Accordingly, visitors entering Vietnam need negative Covid-19 test results by RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test, medical declaration, use of Covid PC application, and free for quarantine. Children under 2 years old entering the country are not required to be tested.

Covid-19 Pre-Departure Test Requirements

Visitors entering Vietnam by air: Visitors need to test negative for Covid-19 by RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method, taken within 72 hours before exiting. The Rapid Antigen Test method is also recognized, valid for 24 hours before departure. The test result is required to be certified by the competent authority of the country performing the test. 

Visitors entering by land, waterway, or railway shall apply similar regulations. 

Those who have not been tested, in the first 24 hours upon entry, from the border gate to their place of residence (hotel, private house, etc.), should limit stopping and contacting other people. After the test is negative, they are free to go out. 

Children under 2 years old are not required to be tested. Children who either have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have never been infected with Covid-19 are allowed to enter and participate in activities outside their accommodation with their parents and relatives.

Visitors entering Vietnam need negative Covid test results

Medical Declaration 

Visitors must make a medical declaration before entering and use the medical declaration application (PC-COVID) during their stay in Vietnam. 

PC Covid App Vietnam

During in Vietnam

Visitors who have negative tests for Covid-19 are free for quarantine.

At the border gate, if you have symptoms of Covid infection (fever; cough; sore throat; runny nose, stuffy nose; body aches, fatigue, chills; decrease or loss of taste; decrease or loss of sense of smell; pain; headache; diarrhea; difficulty breathing; respiratory infection, etc), please immediately notify the health agency at the border gate to take medical measures as prescribed.

Within 10 days from entry, visitors need to self-monitor their health and take preventive measures: regularly wear masks, disinfect hands with quick hand sanitizer, limit close contact with people around. Those who have symptoms of Covid-19 infection need to notify the nearest medical facility.

All international visitors entering Vietnam will apply the above regulations from 15 March 2022.

Previously, Vietnam had announced a 15-day visa exemption program for citizens of 13 countries and reinstated the entry and exit procedure for foreigners and Vietnamese residing abroad as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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