Vietnam Will Fully Open its Borders for International Travelers on March 15, 2022

Vietnam Will Fully Open its Borders for International Travelers on March 15, 2022

On February 16, 2022, the Government Office of Vietnam announced its policy to fully reopen for international travelers on March 15, 2022, after a nearly two-year ban imposed due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Specific and detailed reopening plans for tourism will be announced soon. A number of policies have been uniformly adopted by ministries and approved by the government as follows:

1. What is Required of International Travelers Entering Vietnam?

  • International tourists when coming to Vietnam will not have to register tours and routes as in the previous pilot period. Travelers simply need to meet the regulations of the Ministry of Health on vaccination against Covid-19;
  • Have a negative test result before boarding (within 24 hours for a rapid test; 72 hours for RT-PCR method). For countries with stricter regulations, the regulations of these countries shall apply;
  • Install at least one health management smartphone app according to the regulations of specialized agencies. This application must remain turned on continuously during ones’ time in Vietnam;
  • International visitors entering Vietnam must pay a small insurance premium (Approximately $30 USD/person) to enjoy the $10,000 USD insurance coverage in the scenarios where one has to be treated for Covid-19 within Vietnam;
  • For international visitors entering via air, suspected cases must be tested immediately at the airport;
  • International visitors entering via land will be tested at the border gate before entry.
  • Those with no symptoms will go straight to their pre-registered places of residence on arrival, self-quarantine for 24 hours, then undergo rapid testing or PCR while continuing medical monitoring within 14 days under the guidance of the Ministry of Health including strictly implementing 5K (in Vietnamese): Facemask – Disinfection – Distance – No gathering – Health declaration;

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2. Regarding Visa Policy:

From March 15, 2022, Vietnam will stop applying restrictive measures on visa issuance imposed during the Covid pandemic, and restore the implementation of the normal visa policy for foreigners as before, including: electronic visa issuance, tourist visa, unilateral and bilateral visa exemption.

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3. Regarding International Commercial Flights To Vietnam

To prepare to reopen international tourism before March 15, 2022 under the direction of the Government, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam decided to remove all restrictions on the frequency of operations with international routes. On February 15, 2022 Vietnam’s aviation industry has started to reopen all regular international routes to and from Vietnam after nearly two years of closure.

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The opening of Vietnam to international tourists and the lifting of visa and travel restrictions also create favorable conditions for foreign investors to easily enter Vietnam to research the market and deploy business investment projects which have been delayed due to the epidemic outbreak. (Up until March 15th, only foreign experts sponsored by companies can enter Vietnam).

Vietnam’s economy is expected to grow strongly after reopening the economy safely, thanks to the restoration of all production and service activities, the coverage rate of at least one dose of vaccine are 99,7% and the basic rate of full dose injection is 91,6% of the population aged 18 years and older. Vietnam’s GDP growth in 2022 is forecasted to be over 7%. Therefore, Vietnam will still be an attractive destination for foreign investors who want to find business opportunities here in Southeast Asia. 

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