Vietnam Visa-Free Countries List in 2024

Vietnam Visa-Free Countries List in 2024

Planning to visit Vietnam? Check if you are eligible for a visa-free entry. If not, explore the other visa options available to you

25 Countries are exempted from the Vietnam visas

Citizens from these 25 countries can travel to Vietnam without a visa (as of 2023):

No.CountryLength of stayEntry purpose
1Chile90 daysThe entry is not intended for gainful activity
2Panama90 daysThe entry is not intended for gainful activity
3Cambodia30 daysNo specified
4Indonesia30 daysNo specified
5Kyrgyzstan30 daysNo specified
6Laos30 daysNo specified
7Malaysia30 daysTourism; participate in news and press activities; go on official business; visit relatives; trade negotiations; invest; attend sports activities; attend conferences and seminars.
8Singapore30 daysThe entry is not intended for gainful activity
9Thailand30 daysNo specified
10Philippines21 daysNo specified
11Brunei14 daysNo specified
12Myanmar14 daysVisit
13Belarus45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
14Korea45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
15Japan45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
16Germany45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
17Denmark45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
18Norway45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
19Russia45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
20France45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
21Finland45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
22Spain45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
23Sweden45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
24Italy45 daysRegardless of entry purposes
25England45 daysRegardless of entry purposes

Condition to entry into Vietnam on a visa-free

Please make sure that:

1. Your passport is valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Vietnam;

2. Your passport has at least 2 blank pages.

3. You do not fall into cases of not being allowed to enter Vietnam, including:

  • Children under 14 years of age without parents, guardians, or authorized custodians.
  • Forging papers or providing false information to obtain entry/exit/residence permits.
  • Any person suffering from a mental disease or infectious disease that threatens the public health.
  • Any person who was deported from Vietnam within the last 03 years.
  • Any person who was compelled to leave Vietnam within the last 06 months.
  • For reasons of epidemic prevention, natural disasters, national defense, national security, social order, and social safety.

Other visa options

If you are not from the countries listed above, or if you plan to stay in Vietnam for an extended period, you may consider applying for an e-visa. Starting from 15 August 2023, foreigners from all countries worldwide visiting Vietnam may be eligible for e-visas. The e-visa application process is easy, fast, convenient, and can be completed 100% online by you. It allows for a stay duration of 90 days with multiple entries. However, please note that the e-visa cannot be extended. Alternatively, you can explore applying for a Visitor Visa, Business Visa, Work Visa, or Investor Visa.

Should you require help in obtaining Vietnam visas promptly, please feel free to reach out to Nova Law.

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